A long but good post by Jakob Mosholt Kaaris:, “What we know about the Russia thing:, “We know that Trump met Putin on his trip to Russia with his…

A long but good post by Jakob Mosholt Kaaris:
“What we know about the Russia thing:
“We know that Trump met Putin on his trip to Russia with his pageant, and that the two of them had several conversations during that time period, and that Trump was supposedly filmed being involved in salacious activity that hasn’t been confirmed yet.
We know that Trump shortly after arriving in the states again, started that ridiculous birther movement in a vain effort to try and undermine the then president Obama, by falsely claiming that Obama wasn’t born in the US, which of course has been debunked more than once.
We know that when Trump started to think about running for the presidency, both he and his family members had several meetings with Russian business men and supposed agents and surrogates from Russia.
What we know now is that Trump have encouraged Russia to attack the election on national and international tv.
And we also know that mere hours later, a full blown and coordinated attack on US soil was committed by Russia. Trump in all likelihood did not give the order, but Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin, most certainly did at the supposed request of Donald Trump.
The attack was too coordinated not to have been planned well in advance, and while Trump didn’t directly order the attack itself, his invitation to Russia, must have been some form of prearranged signal to launch such an attack.
All our intelligence gathering communities have confirmed, independently of each other, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the attack took place, and that Russia was behind it and that it was done in a highly coordinated way.
Now the United States is not the first country to be under massive Russian attack like this, but we are the first country, in recorded history, where a presidential candidate may have encouraged an adversarial power, to attack his or her own country.
And that is if proven a textbook act of treason and collusion. I can’t at this point prove the latter, but it is obvious to me, that there had to have been collusion.
The words Trump spoke, may have been a prearranged signal or code. There is no other explanation that makes any kind of sense. Such a massive coordinated attack would never have happened, had there not been collusion.
We know that Trumps campaign staff met with Russian agents on several separate and consecutive occasions and that at least one of them, lied about it under oath.
Maybe there wasn’t direct collusion, but indirect collusion from family members, pundits and surrogates had to have been the preamble to this attack on US soil.
There is not enough evidence to support this claim, but it’s the only thing that has any merit.. The implications amount to nothing less than an international conspiracy and a national catastrophe for the US.
We know that he hired Michael Flynn as national security adviser despite stern warnings from former president Obama and acting attorney general Sally Yates and from Michael Flynn himself, regarding Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia, and that Trump despite these warnings decided to hire Flynn anyway.
We also are aware that he fired both Flynn and Yates because of the Russia thing, the former for his involvement with and ties to Russian spies, and the latter allegedly for her refusal to play ball with regards to the unconstitutional travel ban.
We have come to understand, that Trump tried to make Comey swear him loyalty and that Comey denied such a request.
We also know that he fired FBI director James Comey, because Comey was investigating Trumps possible collusion with Russia, and Trump has openly admitted to this on national tv.
We have now also heard claims that would seem to indicate that Trump shared highly classified information pertaining to national security, with Russian agents during a meeting requested by Vladimir Putin.
We also know that Trump sent out a somewhat threatening tweet towards former FBI director Comey. In that tweet Trump allured to tapes of their conversations that may or may not exist.
Trump also tried to defend himself handing over classified material, to foreign agents by asserting his right to share any information with anyone.
Trump wouldn’t allow the American press into the Oval Office meeting, but did allow Tass the government owned Russian media to attend.
We know that the people in that room were supposed Russian agents and spies.
We now know that a former FBI director was asked to head of the investigation and preserve its integrity.
We resonantly learned that during Trumps trip overseas, he inadvertently revealed that the classified information he shared with Russian agents was coming from the Israeli intelligence gathering apparatus, thereby confirming the initial leak that he shared highly classified intel with Russia
We know that the FBI is actively pursuing an investigation into a staff member inside the White House, and that it has been revealed that that staff member is non other than Trumps own son in law.
We know that Trumps son in law, attempted to open up direct back channel communication lines with the Kremlin through the Russian embassy via his meetings with the Russian ambassador, to avoid detection of any and all communication between the Trump campaign and later also administration, by the American intelligence gathering community.
We have also learned that Trump has now hired outside counsel with regards to the Russia thing.
We have come to understand, that Trump might give back formerly closed Russian listening posts, that were closed by Obama because of Russia’s involvement in and interference of the election.
We now know that the Russian hack of the election, included the hacking of voter registration machines and possibly also election results, but we are not sure yet as to how extensively this hack damaged Hillary Clinton or manipulated the election in Trumps favor.
Comey just testified before congress and during those proceedings Comey basically stated that Trump might be under investigation by the FBI for possible collusion and also obstruction of justice.
Trump himself lately admitted to being under investigation for obstruction of justice , and one of his lawyers have confirmed it on national tv, although he tried his best to back peddle afterwards
Trumps own son just admitted to colluding with Russian representatives during a meeting with a Russian lawyer, where the Trump campaign expected to receive damning information against Hillary Clinton and on that same day Trump started tweeting about the number of emails being thirty thousand, a number no one had heard before that
Trump keeps denying to openly admit to Russia meddling and interfering in the election, even going so far as to change ballots and voter registrations and hacking some 38 states voter registries. So far the “president” has been unwilling to even suggest intervening or doing anything to curb Russian intrusion upon the election process, which would seem to suggest, that Trump is heavily involved in this whole debacle.
As more and more evidence mount, it becomes increasingly obvious, that Trump was and is directly involved.
And it is my fervent hope that an independent commission headed by an independent prosecutor, is able to find and prove this in no uncertain terms ..
Because this makes Trump and his ilk directly responsible for Russia launching the attack.. Not only is it an act of war, it’s a terrorist attack .. And that opens up a whole row of cans of worms, not Just for Trump and anyone that is supporting him or have been or are defending him, but also for the GOP whom I believe have lost all credibility and right to sit in elected or appointed office because of this terrible scandal.”

Stacey Jo
July 31, 2017

May I share?

George Thomas Bush
July 31, 2017

Copied shared! Well written, GOP has an orange stain, they choose to go down with the trump Russian coup , they OWN what they refuse to give up! Good bye politics, republicans are sworn to Russia!

Rose Fleitz
July 31, 2017

Good job laid out really well!