Some elegance and joy for your day

Some elegance and joy for your day. Loved the emotion in the guy’s face, as he gets further in… Interesting that it’s a 7 string classical guitar, too. Don’t see many.

Carl Desserich
December 18, 2018


Jeff Weinstein
December 18, 2018

This guy is obviously a fucking genius, although his fast-forward mode of play sucks all the soul out of his interptretation of this piece. On the other hand, I wanted to have been born a toaster, so you can’t always get whatever you want.

Ed Lanthier
December 18, 2018

I see and hear plenty of soul in this 🙂

Jimy Moore
December 18, 2018

NICE!!! So what note is the extra string, low B or high A? I can’t tell.